William H. Maddox III

Cupertino, California
wmaddox3rd AT gmail DOT com

Sr. Software Engineer

Over a decade of professional experience in the development of compilers, software tools, and programming at the software-hardware interface on both production and pre-production platforms.

Skills and Expertise

Professional Experience

Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA (12/2009-present)

Sr. Computer Scientist - SW Dev.

Virtual machine development for Actionscript (extended Javascript with bytecodes and types).

Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, CA (9/2008-1/2009)


Member of a four-person team building Newspeak, a Smalltalk-derived language and platform for collaborative networked applications. (Project terminated and position eliminated in restructuring.)

Google, Mountain View, CA (4/2007-9/2008)

Software Engineer

As member of C/C++ compiler team, contributed to ongoing GCC community compiler development efforts, including gimple-tuples and LTO (link-time optimizer) branches. Also performed compatibility testing of application codebase against new compiler releases.

Transmeta Corporation, Santa Clara, CA (11/2000-3/2007)

Member of the Technical Staff

Implemented enhancements and fixes to Code Morphing Software (CMS) for Crusoe and Efficeon processors. Implemented validation and optimization tools.

Sun Microsystems, Cupertino, CA (6/1997-10/2000)

Staff Engineer

Technical lead for the JDK reference compiler (‘javac’) in the Java Software division.

Member of the Technical Staff

Member of the ‘javac’ engineering team.

Additional Relevant Experience

Graduate Student Researcher, UC Berkeley

Research Programmer, Carnegie-Mellon University